Ozone water treatment systems

Ozone is recognized as the most effective bacteriological neutralizer, fastest, and most environmentally friendly solution for water and air treatment. It is a powerful oxidant that neutralizes bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine, making it a superior alternative to costly and frequent chemical treatments. Ozone is produced on-site as needed, making it a sustainable solution that avoids the need to handle chemicals and results in no harmful environmental by-products.

Photographie illustrant un Ozoneur de modlèle Taurus première génération fabriqué par EMO3

TaurusMC: a revolutionary ozone water treatment system

Introducing the TaurusMC, a brand-new line of ozone cells proudly offered by EMO3. The TauruTM series employs high-frequency and high-voltage ozone generation technology to enable on-demand ozone production. Key benefits of this system include:
  • Adjustable output ("full turndown design") with each cell capable of producing up to 50 g/h
  • Corona discharge air-cooled
  • Up to 8 TaurusMC cells can be assembled on a small industrial shelf, thanks to the design's flexibility
  • Resistant to the harshest industrial installations and applications
  • Includes a flow meter and an ammeter in each cell to facilitate operations and enable at-a-glance verification
  • Provides oxygen flow and thermal protection from damage to the cell and processor
Photographie présentant un générateur d'ozone professionnel conçu par EMO3

Applications of the TaurusMC ozone water treatment system

Ozone, produced from a renewable resource (air) and with a high oxidation-reduction potential (2.07 V), is an ideal solution for a range of water treatment challenges. The TaurusMC ozone system is useful for:
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Agriculture, sanitation, and clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Water treatment for cooling towers
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Mining and petrochemical effluent waste oxidation
  • Removal of taste and odor in water and odor
  • Fisheries, aquaculture, and public aquariums
  • Blue algae treatment(cyanobacteria)

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Photographie illustrant l'installation d'une solution intégrée d'ozonation industrielle par EMO3

Other products

Taurus MC II (water-cooled)

This modular ozone system is integrated and effective for larger water treatments. Similar to its air-cooled counterpart, the TaurusMC II system produces ozone on demand and is easily interfaced with a control panel. It is available in increments of 200 g/h. The TaurusMC II ozone platform can be operated with a simple dry contact closure or modulated with an analog input to provide full production control.

Integrated solution

At EMO3, we offer integrated ozone systems that include programmable logic controller (PLC), oxygen concentrators, TaurusMC ozone modules, water injection systems, contact tanks, pumps and more to meet your various air and water treatment needs.


Our OzodorMC ozone treatment product is a complete solution for odor and small volume water treatment. It is eco-friendly, natural, powerful, and quick, offering you the best solution for your business.

Ozone Destruct Unit

Our ozone destructor ensures complete and hassle-free removal of excess ozone from contact tanks to create a healthy environment by eliminating residual or excessive amounts of ozone present in the air.

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