OZODORMC : Our industrial ozone odor eliminator

Our industrial ozone odor eliminator is an excellent solution to reduce complaints about odors and improve air quality in your buildings or business. It is powerful, fast, all-natural, and environmentally friendly. OzodorMC eliminates the aromatic molecules that cause offensive odors using the latest ozone technology. It is risk-free, non-carcinogenic, and leaves no residues or harmful by-products.
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Our industrial-grade ozone odor eliminator

Owners of buildings, factories, and restaurants may sometimes face odor problems. These emissions, typically originating from a company’s waste storage area, production processes, compactor, or waste fall, can cause issues. Keep complaints, vermin, and health issues at bay! OzodorMC provides a healthy environment for your customers, tenants, employees, and yourself with a proven and safe ozone odor treatment process. Contact us now to learn more about OzodorMC and ozone odor treatment!
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Ozone treatment of odors in every way

Our industrial ozone odor eliminator is not only easy to install and use, but it is also small enough to treat the target area.
The OzodorMC, which incorporates the latest ozone technologies, has an air compressor that ensures optimal O3 production. The timer relay can be easily integrated to operate according to operational requirements. Our wall-mounted industrial odor neutralizer is also environmentally safe. Its stainless steel enclosure and ozone supply line ensure its durability and longevity. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our OzodorMC ozone industrial odor eliminator.

Beneficial ozone odor treatment system

Here are some of the benefits our ozone industrial odor eliminator can offer:

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Other ozone systems

TaurusMC II (air-cooled)

The TaurusMC II series is a powerful, innovative, and robust ozone system that can oxidize wastewater contaminants such as cyanide and arsenic, precipitate various metals, and process organic materials that are difficult to handle biologically. This second generation platform is 15% more powerful, consumes 15% less energy, and weighs 10% less the previous version. It is built to produce ozone on demand and can handle complex applications for water treatment and disinfection. This modular system is available in increments of 50 g/h. The TaurusMC II ozone platform can be operated with a simple dry contact closure or modulated with an analog input to provide full production control.

Taurus MC II (water-cooled)

This modular ozone system is integrated and effective for larger water treatments. Similar to its air-cooled counterpart, the TaurusMC II system produces ozone on demand and is easily interfaced with a control panel. It is available in increments of 200 g/h. The TaurusMC II ozone platform can be operated with a simple dry contact closure or modulated with an analog input to provide full production control.

Integrated solution

At EMO3, we offer integrated ozone systems that include programmable logic controller (PLC), oxygen concentrators, TaurusMC ozone modules, water injection systems, contact tanks, pumps and more to meet your various air and water treatment needs.

Ozone Destruct Unit

Our ozone destructor ensures complete and hassle-free removal of excess ozone from contact tanks to create a healthy environment by eliminating residual or excessive amounts of ozone present in the air.

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