Professional ozone systems for clean air and water

Our professional ozone systems offer sustainable, secure, and green solutions to clean the air and water. Ozone is a naturally occurring, powerful, and fast-acting bacteriological eliminator that is produced from a renewable resource, air.

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Industrial ozone system for clean air : OZODORMC

Give your business the cleanest air possible with our professional ozone system, OzodorMC. This small but powerful system eliminates aromatic molecules, viruses, and all bacteria that produce offensive odors. Our ozone system creates a healthy working environment in a non-carcinogenic and entirely sustainable without using any chemicals.
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Professional and innovative ozone system : TaurusMC

The TaurusMC is a powerfully efficient industrial ozone system that produces on-demand ozone to meet your specific water treatment needs. This ozone generator is modular, integrated, simple to use, and powerful.
Ozone water treatment is a safe, all-natural process that doesn’t leave any chemical traces behind. O3 enables water disinfection and provides you with clear, clean water by acting 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone also eliminates the odor and taste in water.
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The future of ozone systems: TaurusMC GEN2

The TaurusMC Gen2 is the enhancement of EMO3’s first generation TaurusMC platform. Benefit from the most recent technological advancements in ozonation by getting this industrial ozone system for your water treatment applications. Our TaurusMC Gen2 has all the benefits of its predecessor with a few extra features that provides more benefits for you. We continuously strive to offer more ozone capacity for treating large volumes of water. The TaurusMC Gen2 will meet your most demanding ozone application thanks to its modular capacity of 200 g/h.
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Integrated ozone solution

EMO3 offers a wide range of all-inclusive solutions, in addition to providing you with a selection of top-notch professional ozone systems. We can develop a custom solution for your needs, whether it is for public aquariums, aquaculture, cooling towers water treatment, agri-food, water bottling, or industrial water treatment.

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Ozone destruct unit for safe air and water purification

Ozone is a straightforward and secure method for treating air and water in a properly managed system. However, it is crucial to remove any leftover ozone from contact tanks and basins after water treatment. Therefore, getting an effective and user-friendly ozone destruct system is crucial for making sure that your water treatment system operates as efficiently as possible.

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Photographie illustrant un destructeur d'ozone fabriqué par EMO3
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