Upgraded water treatment ozone generator : TaurusMC 2nd generation

We’re excited to present our water-cooled version of the TaurusMC II ozone system. Designed to address larger ozone applications such as municipal potable water as well as large industrial applications, our ozone solution offers the same flexibility and small footprint to the TaurusMC II air-cooled version.
Photographie illustrant un Ozoneur Taurus 2 fabriqué par EMO3

TaurusMC: a revolutionary ozone water treatment system

Introducing the second generation TaurusMC, an enhanced version proudly offered by EMO3. This water-cooled version is fully assembled and ready for operation. Key benefits of this system include:
  • Adjustable output ("full turndown design") with each cell capable of producing up to 200 g/h
  • Corona discharge water-cooled

  • Up to 6 TaurusMCunits (water-cooled) can be assembled in a standard industrial shelf, thanks to the design's flexibility

  • Resistant to the harshest industrial installations and applications
  • Includes a flow meter and an ammeter in each unit to facilitate operations and enable at-a-glance verification
  • Provides oxygen flow and thermal protection

  • Simple integration: Can operate directly by dry-contact closure, PLC or manual ON/OFF

Photographie montrant le déploiement d'une solution complète d'ozonation industrielle réalisée par EMO3

Other ozone systems

TaurusMC II (air-cooled)

The TaurusMC II series is a powerful, innovative, and robust ozone system that can oxidize wastewater contaminants such as cyanide and arsenic, precipitate various metals, and process organic materials that are difficult to handle biologically. This second generation platform is 15% more powerful, consumes 15% less energy, and weighs 10% less the previous version. It is built to produce ozone on demand and can handle complex applications for water treatment and disinfection. This modular system is available in increments of 50 g/h. The TaurusMC II ozone platform can be operated with a simple dry contact closure or modulated with an analog input to provide full production control.

Integrated solution

At EMO3, we offer integrated ozone systems that include programmable logic controller (PLC), oxygen concentrators, TaurusMC ozone modules, water injection systems, contact tanks, pumps and more to meet your various air and water treatment needs.


Our OzodorMC ozone treatment product is a complete solution for odor and small volume water treatment. It is eco-friendly, natural, powerful, and quick, offering you the best solution for your business.

Ozone Destruct Unit

Our ozone destructor ensures complete and hassle-free removal of excess ozone from contact tanks to create a healthy environment by eliminating residual or excessive amounts of ozone present in the air.

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