Ozone for cooling tower water treatment

Using ozone for cooling towers water treatment provides several benefits for owners. It is a sustainable solution that reduces the risk of bacteria and Legionella, greatly reduces chemicals use, saves water, and is more efficient since everything is produced on-site. The TaurusMC ozone system is compact and fully assembled upon delivery, including an oxygen concentrator, programmable logic controller with TaurusMC modular ozone unit, pneumatic coupling and valves, ozone injector assembly, and pump. EMO3 offers a solution for cooling towers with cooling capacities ranging from 200T to 20,000T. Discover how our TaurusMC ozone solutions can benefit your bottom line.
Photographie montrant la mise en place d'un Ozodor par EMO3.
Delivered turnkey, the Urus™ ozonation system is compact and fully assembled including oxygen concentrator, programmable controller, TaurusMC ozonation modular unit, pneumatic connector and valves, ozone injector assembly and pump. EMO3 is able to provide you with a solution for cooling towers ranging from 200T to 20.000T cooling capacity. See how a prestigious university benefits from our TaurusMC ozonation solutions.

The solution to clean and healthy water

Ozone is used in cooling towers to control bacteria. Legionella can be neutralized by 99.9% with a dose of 0.3 mg/L and a contact time of 5 minutes. EMO3 provides an ozone system that includes an oxygen concentrator, the TaurusMC ozone module (1 or more modules depending on the volume of water), programmable logic controller (PLC), injection assembly including pump, and compressed air that is supplied on-site by the customer or an air compressor.

Advantages of ozone in cooling towers

ozone cooling tower water treatment

Go green

One significant benefit of using ozone in cooling towers is that it is a natural oxidizing biocide. It is extremely effective at killing bacteria and preventing algae and other organisms from growing. In fact, concentrations as low as 0.1 to 0.2 ppm are usually sufficient to keep cooling tower water clean and free of contaminants.
ozone cooling tower water treatment

Avoid Legionellosis

Ozone has excellent biofilm removal capabilities and is highly effective against Legionellosis. Inhaling water droplets contaminated with the Legionella pneumophila bacteria may cause this illness, a type of pneumonia. Ozone kills these bacteria in seconds, making it useful in applications where Legionellosis is a major risk, such as cooling towers.
ozone cooling tower water treatment

Cut the recurring costs of biocides

Ozone is generated on-site by using ambient air. As a result, hazardous biocides do not need to be bought, transported, handled, or stored. This technology eliminates the need for multiple biocide cocktails.
ozone cooling tower water treatment

Reduce your water consumption!

As we increase concentration cycles, our customers typically benefit from a 20% reduction in water consumption.

Our solution: TaurusMC

The TaurusMC generates ozone from ambient air and injects it into the water from the cooling circuit via an integrated reactor. The ozone concentration can be adjusted based on the needs and type of circuit, allowing for the most efficient use of the technology. It features a high-frequency, high-performance silent ozone block cell that is unrivaled. The modular design includes several features for maximum performance and simplicity of maintenance, as well as integrated protection, such as oxygen flow and thermal protection on each unit to protect your investment.



Ozonation of air and water is increasingly valued in the agri-food industry. On-site creation of ozone eliminates the need for chemicals such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid. Moreover, it destroys a wide range of harmful bacteria, including Salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus, providing environmental and financial benefits.

Aquaculture And Public Aquarium

Ozone treatment is the optimal choice to ensure a healthy environment for living organisms in aquaculture and public aquariums. Ozone treatment disinfects recirculated water without endangering marine life.

Odor Treatment

Treating the air with ozone is an efficient and all-natural way to eliminate unpleasant odors caused by aromatic molecules. Commercial buildings' plenum air return systems, restaurant ventilation pipes, and waste rooms often use ozone to create a healthy environment, odor free.


In the context of industrial water treatment, ozone treatment is able to oxidize wastewater contaminants such as cyanide and arsenic. Moreover, it facilitates the precipitation of several metals, including iron and manganese, as well as organic materials that are challenging to process biologically. Ozone technology offers a lasting solution for wastewater reuse and recycling, which is in high demand in arid regions around the world.


Ozone treatment has been tried and tested for decades and is the best way to ensure safe drinking water for everyone. Ozone kills a variety of bacteria, viruses, and odor-causing substances in water, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Furthermore, ozone removes water coloration due to its oxidizing properties. Ozone is the best option for treating the emerging pollutants in municipal wastewater.

Water Parks

To maintain the quality of their water and protect the health of visitors, water parks are increasing the use of ozone to reduce harmful chlorine products. Ozone treatment eliminates bacteria easily and quickly while significantly reducing the need for chlorination, which irritates the skin and eyes. Over-chlorination can also produce trihalomethanes, which are harmful to human health. Ozonation provides a better experience and a safer environment for all visitors.

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