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Legionella is on the rise. Looking for a more effective solution to avoid Legionnaires disease in cooling towers?


Our water purification solutions are trusted by renowned organizations

EMO3 - A leader in air and water purification solutions

EMO3 offers innovative, environmental-friendly ozone technologies for air and water purification. As a technology company, EMO3 designs and manufactures complete industrial ozone systems. Our vision is to reduce society’s ecological footprint by providing sustainable, productive and proven solutions to today’s economy.

The benefits of our water purification solutions

Go green

As a natural biocide, nothing compares to ozone in terms of disinfecting water. 0.1 to 0.2 ppm is usually sufficient to maintain water cleanliness in cooling towers.

Avoid Legionella

Ozone has excellent biofilm removal capabilities and is very effective against Legionella. Protect your equipment and people, why take the risk?

Eliminate recurring biocide costs

Ozone is produced on-site using ambient air, so no need to haul, manage and store dangerous biocides. No need for multiple biocide cocktails.

Reduce water consumption

Our customers typically benefit from a 20% water reduction since we can increase the cycles of concentration.

Our Solution : Taurus

Most ruggedized ozone solution on the market.

  • High frequency, high performance, silent ozone block cell delivering unparallel ozone production
  • Modular design with integrated amp meter readings for optimal performance and ease of maintenance
  • Integrated protection: Oxygen flow and thermal protection on every unit  to protect investment

Savings in biocide cost

Energy savings

Water savings

Green technology

Success Stories

Learn how Engie Services and McGill University have saved in chemical costs while reducing water consumption and their Legionella risk.

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