Present from the beginning of time, ozone is a natural disinfectant with oxidizing properties for bacterial protection and control.  Produced by the UV spectrum of sunlight, the ozone layer partially protects us from the sun.

Derived from the Greek name “ozein” meaning the verb smell, is characterised by the pungent smell of ozone.  Used since the 20th century mainly for municipal water treatment, the benefits of ozone have been deployed in numerous applications notably waste water treatment, potable water treatment, pool water disinfectant, aquaculture as well as in air quality improvement in industrial and commercial use.  Ozone is also used in the pharmaceutical domain for vaccine and medicine production as well as decontamination/sanitation of medical and white rooms.  Its oxidizing potential also enable it to be used in sterilisation of surgical instruments.

Properly applied, ozone represents an ecological, effective and economical solution in addressing numerous problematic situations related to air quality and water treatment.