Cooling tower water treatment system - Prevent legionnaires disease transmission by air conditioning system - INSITU-O3 

Insitu-03 water treatment system

Proven solution and safe, ozone is recognized as the most eco-friendly and natural bacterial deactivator available, and also the fastest and most powerful.

Ozone is created from oxygen (O2), which becomes ozone (O3) and then reverts back to oxygen (O2) after a few minutes in ambient air.

Great for cooling tower, Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, deodorizer and air purifier, ozone kills bacteria like legionella 3,000 times faster than chlorine. It is unrivalled in controlling numerous types of bacteria, including, E.coli, legionella and fecal coliforms as well as deactivating viruses, fungi, and mildew. Ozone also eliminates organic odours and contaminants in the workplace. Ozone is safe to use, is non-carcinogenic, and produces no residues or toxic by-products.

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Prevention and symptoms

  • Rapidly and efficiently destroys bacteria such as Legionella, the cause of Legionellosis
Ozone generator water treatment for cooling tower - INSITU-O3

Profitability and savings

  • Provides sizeable savings over chemical products
  • Eliminates the cost of managing, storing and handling chemical products
  • Provides a rapid return on investment

  • Keeps the water in heat exchangers clean by reducing biofilm build-up
  • Limits the release of toxic chemicals into the environment
(salts, chlorine, and other contaminants)
  • Eliminates acid dosing and operates within variable pH settings (6 to 9)
  • Peace of mind: Ozone water treatment is produced on-site. No need to verify biocide injection or dosing pump operation
  • Considerably reduces water consumption for blowdown since operates at higher cycles of concentration
  • Considerably reduces wastewater discharges and the costs associated with regulatory disposal
(only losses caused by evaporation and splashing are replaced by fresh water)
  • Facilitates equipment maintenance and reduces workloads
  • Improves pump performance, including more efficient heat transfer and reduced energy use
  • Reduces energy use by reducing compressor operating times, lowering greenhouse gas emissions
in certain facilities
  • Prolongs the service life of equipment

Our service offer includes:

Installation support of INSITU-O3 equipment

The equipment is easily installed alongside your current mechanical system which limits the installation time and disruption. Typical installations are less than 4 hours by certified professionals.

Monthly performance reports

Samples taken monthly from your water system provides you the reassurance of ozone performance so you can invest your time elsewhere.

Maintenance and reconditioning

Peace of mind : Since the INSITU-O3 was developed as a hands-free and maintenance-free unit, our certified technicians will perform an annual verification to ensure optimal performance for your water treatment.

Technical data sheet

Our success story


Having no mechanical method for dosing our biocide chemicals, we were seeking an alternative that would provide an enhancement towards workplace health & safety, while being effective against Legionnella bacteria and providing economical and ecological benefits. We found the solution in the Insitu-O3 from EMO3. Not only did we improvement our operation performance, we also automated the process allowing us to allocate our maintenance ressources to other tasks. In summary, we offered ourselves a peace of mind solution.
Éric Nadeau, , Maintenance Manager, Cofely services
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