As with any equipment related to the aquatics industry, there are certain factors you may wish to consider when time comes to upgrade your legacy ozone system. 

Here are 5 things to consider:

What type of ozone technology is being used? 

Recent advancements have enabled high-frequency / high-voltage ozone systems reducing the overall footprint of the system as well as lowering the acquisition costs.  

Do you need redundancy and backup? 

As any aquatic life support system, ensuring a minimum of redundancy or safety backup can be very reassuring. Can you afford to lose 100% of your ozone system?  

What type of maintenance is required?

Verify the recommended service and maintenance requirements for the ozone system.  Newer ozone technologies provides a means to lower overall annual maintenance cost while improving downtime.

Is the ozone upgrade industrial-grade or commercial-grade? 

Some installations in public aquariums represent harsh environments, ensure the ozone system is of industrial-grade to provide you the most reliable performance over the long run.

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