Proven solution and safe, ozone is recognized as the most eco-friendly and natural bacterial deactivator available, and also the fastest and most powerful.

Better than recurring chemical oxidizers, ozone is a powerful disinfectant and kills bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine. It is unrivalled in controlling numerous types of bacteria, including E. coli and fecal coliforms as well as deactivating viruses, fungi, and mildew. Ozone is safe to use, is non-carcinogenic and produces no residues or toxic by-products.

Technical Sheet

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EMO3is excited to announce the launch of the new TaurusTMozone series.

The unique, innovative and patent-pending TaurusTMozone series provides peace of mind with ozone-on-demand features for your sustainable water treatment requirements such as:

  • Full turndown design – each cell produces up to 50 g/h with oxygen
  • Air cooled Corona discharge
  • Modular design: 8 TaurusTM can be stacked in a rack mount system for increased output with minimum footprint
  • Ruggedized for the most demanding application
  • Every cell is equipped with flowmeter and amp meter for optimal performance and maintenance checks
  • Thermal and oxygen flow protection



Ozone known as a sustainable and green solution, possesses one of the highest redox potential (2.07 V) and provides no toxic by-products is an ideal answer to multiple water treatment challenges.  Produced on-site and safe, our solutions can be used in:

  • Municipal potable water
  • Food safety, CIP
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Waste water effluent treatment
  • Oxidation of effluent by-products from mining and petrochemical plants
  • Odor and taste control
  • Aquaculture and public aquariums
  • Algae blooms



EMO3 can you support you throughout your ozone project from design to production.  Contact us and let us know your requirements.