EMO3 was approached by one of Canada’s largest fine cheese factory to help in providing a sustainable solution for mold spore and growth control in production and ripening rooms. This request followed a restriction by Health Canada to ban fumigation treatment in this industry.

Ozone already being recognized and approved for direct contact with food processing, the choice for a mobile ozone unit for inactivation of mold spores proved to be a clear answer.   As such, a dosage of 5 ppm of ozone for 2 to 4 hours provides a 99% reduction in mold spores.

EMO3 delivered an industrial ozone mobile unit that integrated into a stainless steel mobile cabinet the following features:

1.     PLC with program for different user setting modes of treatment with control alarms;

2.     Light beacons for ozone concentration readings;

3.     Ozone ambient sensor;

4.     Ozone cells with air compressor and oxygen concentrator; and

5.     Built-on ozone destruct unit.

The customer has not only improved his quality control process but also reduced his recurring cost associated with fumigation since ozone is produced on-site with no consumables.