Recurring Odour Complaints

One of our prestigious Canadian clients is the owner of several office towers in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Our client was receiving a number of odour complaints from tenants of one of their properties. After investigating the source of the problem, we discovered that the odours emanated from a nearby restaurant producing a large amount of cooking fumes. The odours were drawn into our client’s ventilation system through the air plenum and then dispersed in the air of the whole building.


Our client therefore installed carbon filters, but the odours and the tenants’ complaints persisted. In 2010, EMO3 suggested installing the patent-pending OZONAIR™ system. The system was quickly installed as a complement to the existing ventilation system. More specifically, EMO3 strategically installed the OZONAIR™ in the ceiling space between each floor. The OZONAIR™ system purifies the air recirculating through the ceiling plenum space and eliminates odours using ozone. Our OZONAIR™ system also reduces ultrafine and fine particles recirculated through the building by approximately 80%, which constitutes a remarkable improvement in air quality since such particles harbour bacteria, spores and contaminants.

Tenant satisfaction – no more Complaints

The results soon became clear as there were no more odour complaints. Our client is still very pleased with the rapid and effective solution provided by the OZONAIR™ system:

  • Complete elimination of odour complaints;
  • Marked improvement in air quality in only 24 hours;
  • Implementation of a sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

Productivity at work is one of the most important issues for our clients. With OZONAIR™, we dedicate ourselves to offering high quality work environments focused on simplicity and efficiency to prevent loss of productivity and sick building syndrome.

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