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Industrial ozone generator for the 21st century: Get rid of bad smells at work with our ozone generator

Finally, the industry’s most advanced and innovative ozone generator for today’s market.  The Ozodor™ is the most ruggedized generator supplying high concentration ozone on the market.  It incorporates a digital logic module for flexibility and automation capability as well as a unique stainless steel ozone outlet.

Many companies look for ways to get rid of bad smells created by their activity, but can never find the perfect odor eliminating machine. This is why we created Ozodor™, the ultimate ozone generator using the most eco-friendly and natural bacterial deactivator available, ozone.

A proven and safe solution, ozone is recognized as the fastest and most powerful natural industrial air freshener.

Ozone is created from oxygen (O2), which becomes ozone (O3) and then reverts back to oxygen (O2) after a few minutes in ambient air.

A powerful disinfectant, deodorizer and air purifier, our ozone generator Ozodor™ eliminates organic odors, neutralizes airborne pathogens and contaminants in the workplace. Ozone does not mask the odor, it has been proven as an unrivalled product for neutralizing aromatic molecules.REQUEST A QUOTE

An effective and economic industrial ozone generator to solve your odor issues

Around the world, numerous buildings, restaurants and grocery owners are subjected to lingering odor problems related to their garbage rooms, trash chutes (multi story) or trash compactors. This problem, if not dealt with, usually results in tenant complaints, health issues as well as rodent and pest infiltration. Thus, finding an efficient air freshener is of paramount importance. This is why our ozone generator is the perfect solution.

Already used around the world for as a powerful odor eliminator machine, Ozone™ has been proven to be an unrivaled industrial ozone generator for neutralizing aromatic molecules.

The exclusive, patent-pending Ozodor™ has been successfully deployed in neutralizing trash compactor odors, garbage room smells and restaurant ventilation evacuators. Ozodor™, as a strong ozone generator, does not mask the odor. The oxidizing power of ozone neutralizes the aromatic molecules responsible for the smell.

There is no more need to refill the unit or handle chemical products since the ozone is produced on site and controlled with our micro-controller.

Typical applications:

  • Disaster restoration product for mold, odor and VOC elimination
  • Trash compactor odor treatment
  • High capacity ozone treatment rooms
  • Sanitation for hospital rooms and senior citizen homes
  • Air scrubber for decontamination projects
  • Food storage and warehousing
  • HVAC systems for kitchen exhausts and restaurant odors

How does Ozodor™, our commercial ozone generator, work?

Plug-N-play, the Ozodor™ provides continuous odor treatment for garbage related scents.  The Ozodor™ small footprint and integrated stainless steel enclosure produces compressed ozone on site and delivers ozone through stainless steel barb fitting. For the ozone generator to be as powerful as can be, we have integrated an on-board air compressor capable of delivering high concentration ozone. For peace-of-mind, Ozodor™ is equipped with a relay timer providing the operators maximum efficiency and control. 

Benefits for you

  • Simple and rapid installation
  • Rugged and professional industrial grade construction (parts are UL and ETL listed)
  • High ozone concentration with smallest footprint.
  • Portable design for ease in deployment
  • High quality: Outperforms other products on the market place
  • High performance Corona discharge cell with no maintenance
  • On-board mini air-compressor for high ozone output
  • Relay timer for simple operation
  • Stainless steel ozone line and enclosure for longevity
Ozodor™ machine in a room, example of the commercial ozone generator
Ozodor™ machine made by Emo 3, a commercial ozone generator in a room

How you benefit from this ozone generator, Ozodor™

  • Go green: Elimination of expensive and recurring use of chemical products, essential oils and soaps to treat lingering odors.
  • Maintenance-free: Reduce indirect overhead cost related to the handling, storage and transportation of chemical products.
  • Improve customer retention rate by eliminating complaints and related health issues associated with organic odors from garbage and trash.
  • Safe: The ozone is consumed in the container and the dosing is maintained by the user-friendly micro controller.
  • Peace-of-mind technology: Everything is produced on-site with logic controller for complete and efficient ozone production and injection.
Technical Sheet

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Technical Sheet