A Green Economic Shift

Adopting a more eco-friendly approach is often synonymous with additional costs and new, more complex methods. However, with EMO3‘s patented technology in INSITU-O3 systems, eliminating the release of biocidal products into the water system goes hand in hand with substantial savings.

In 2009, our client—the manager of a prestigious office tower of more than 4.7 million square feet in downtown Montréal—wanted to go green by eliminating their reliance on biocidal products to treat the water in their cooling towers.

Our client uses cooling towers to cool condensers with a refrigeration capacity of 2,400 tons. Considering that cooling towers operate all year round, eliminating the use of biocidal products could result in substantial savings, a significant improvement in safety by no longer having to manage biocidal products, as well as a considerable simplification in the management of water cooling towers.


Our client opted for our INSITU-O3 ozone generator.  This system is actually a very eco-friendly solution that allows a considerable increase in efficiency by destroying bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine, for example. Our durable system was installed by professional technicians in less than four hours.

Peace of Mind and Efficiency

The results speak for themselves:

  1. Bacteriological efficiency: no Legionella detected since the installation;
  2. Thermal efficiency: improved heat transfer performance of condensers, resulting in energy savings of approximately 10%;
  3. Maintenance labour cost reduction with regard to the descaling and cleaning of cooling plates;
  4. Complete elimination of the use of biocides and bio-dispersants;
  5. Reduction in biocide management, handling and storage personnel;
  6. Green shift: higher LEED and BOMA BESt ratings by eliminating the use of biocides;
  7. Peace of mind: our INSITU-O3 system produces ozone locally and independently using the oxidation potential of water; no need for an injection schedule, unlike with biocides.

The expertise developed with this important client has allowed EMO3 to stand out as a leader in chemical-free water treatment. With EMO3, no challenge is too complex as our know-how and unique patented solution allow you to both make substantial savings and achieve concrete environmental results.

Join the many property managers who have contacted us and find out how you could save money and go green with INSITU-O3.