Issues with persitant and recurring odors in your warehouse or office space?  Safe and reliable, ozone is a powerful disinfectant, deodoriser and air purifier.

Recongnized by insurance groups as a proven solution to neutralize odors, ozone is the most eco-friendly and natural bacterial deactivator available, and also the fastest and most powerful.

Depending on the size and air volume to be treated, the duration varies from 1 to 5 days.  In addition our specialized equipment can treat any surface area from 1,000 square feet to 1,000,000 square feet.

Our dedicated team is available at all times and is able to deploy the treatment based on your operations planning in order to limit disturbance.

Some of our recent projects

Warehouse: Ville St-Laurent, QC
  • Odor and air remediation following long-term (20 year) tire and rubber storage.
  • Surface area treated: 240,000 square feet.        

Manufacturing plant and warehouse for imported spices: Montreal, QC

  • Air remediation treatment related to spice odor.
  • Surface area treated: 48,000 square feet.

Food-processing industry: Drummondville, QC

  • Air remediation for VOCs following new construction. Approval of the Minister of Agriculture required to obtain production permit.
  • Surface area treated: 80,000 square feet.


Golf club: Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
  • Smoke odor remediation following fire.
  • Surface area treated: 10,000 square feet.

Food warehousing: Quebec City, QC

  • Air remediation for organic odor for distribution warehouse resulting from prolonged storage (35 years) of fruits and vegetables.
  • Surface area treated: 7,000 square feet

Commercial aircraft: Dorval, QC

  • High level of VOC emanating from interior of aircraft. VOC resulting from extensive insect fumigation in tropical regions. The interior components of the aircraft were removed for ozone treatment. In addition, the interior of the fuselage was treated with ozone.
  • Aircraft model: Bombardier Q400
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