Today, different challanges and concepts are completely transforming the way we manage buildings. Legionella, health, safety, environmental responsibility, profitability, and energy efficiency as set new priorities.

Green solutions must not only deliver environmental benefits, but also meet other objectives, enhancing workplace environments, improving building health and service life, and most importantly, providing substantial ROI savings.

EMO3 offers innovative, environmental-friendly ozone technologies developed with these goals in mind. With the distinct oxidizing benefits of ozone, our unique air purification and water treatment systems eliminate viruses, pathogens and microparticleswhile significantly improving your productivity. Whether you’re seeking to eliminate chemical expense for water treatment, improve your productivity, improve air quality, promote well-being or reduce your environmental footprint, consider using one of our ozone solutions for your application.

Our mission

EMO3 mission is based on the following principles:
  • Commitment:
 EMO3 is committed to satisfying and exceeding customer needs, achieving excellence, and innovating while at the same time reducing our ecological footprint.
  • Customer satisfaction: Meeting and exceeding our customers requirements and provide a better work environment.
  • Innovation:
 EMO3 innovates to exceed established standards with exclusive and proven technological solutions for air purification and water treatment.
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