EMO3-VTTL Series: High-capacity system

Need greater ozone production capacity for a specific project, consider our EMO3-VTTL series.

Still some issues from lingering odors resulting from a fire, mold or mildew; prolonged storage of organic produce (fruits, vegetables, spices) or equipment (tires); a tenant with odor issues or simply odors from a recent construction/renovation project (VOC emanating from new material)?

Our specialized, high capacity ozone equipment can generate up to 60 grams of ozone per hour.  Fully deployable, our equipment can be rapidly delivered and installed.  Our team of technicians will analyse the volume of air to be treated as well as the organic material and VOC content to determine the required equipment.  The treatment for air remediation varies from 1 to 5 days depending on the volume of air and organic matter present.

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